Introducing the Isle of Bamboo

This English language site has been in the works for 2 years. It is a personal exploration into a subject I’ve come to appreciate on many levels.

BambusaVulgaris Cutting in Pot


The Isle of Bamboo will eventually contain stories, photos and tips about growing Bamboo and the many ways it can be put to work. A resource for newbies as well as the dedicated grower.

Visitors are encouraged to leave comments and suggestions, submit ideas and images as long as they have something to do with Bamboo.


Shortly, I will add a page dedicated to products made with Bamboo.


I have deliberately designed this site so that it will display on home computers, laptops and tablets without much issue. Since this is a new site, I ask for my viewers to ‘hit me back’ if you see any errors I should fix. The ‘Isle of Bamboo’ is a companion site to If you’re curious about what Puerto Rico is like, then by all means, check it out. If, however, your passion is Bamboo, come back soon. Site Admin- Robert Westmoreland


Bamboo Detail as ART

2 Responses to Introducing the Isle of Bamboo

  • darryl says:

    LOVE bamboo!!

  • Sandra Westmoreland says:

    Well blow me down! I didn’t realize this was another blog site to reach you on.
    I LOVE IT!
    Thanks for the Email, and all the good information. I will Definitely keep you posted!
    Noelle is loving her camera, although she still isn’t sharing her pics much.
    I found a neat photography website, some unusual stuff to look at. The name is Bored Panda
    although in writing this I REAlize you probably already have seen it.
    Good to connect off of FB. THANKS Sandra

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