Bamboo Seedling Progress Update

This is a log of my progress to date. Besides the new Moso and Tulda starts, I also have 2 other varieties coming up- Gigantochloa asper and Fargesia yunnanensis. I check sprout trays daily for moisture and fungus. I also let the trays ‘air-out’ every few days. I now have a total of 14 Bamboo seedings.


This yield is way better than the first time I tried to sprout seeds.


March 23, 2012-

Bamboo Seeds, Dendrocalamus YunnanicusGood News, Bad News…


While doing my morning inspection of the seedling trays, I discovered light fungus starting to grow in almost all of batch #2. I promptly popped off their clear covers to allow them to air out. This was followed with a light spraying of diluted Neem Oil. The trays had not been opened since I closed them on Feb. 15th. I’ll be letting the trays ‘breathe’, every few days now.


The good news is, I have at least 1 (out of 14) Tabashir Bamboo (Gigantochloa asper) sprouting as well as 2 (out of 20) Bambusa Tulda. I’ll keep a close eye on them and move them to pots as soon as they stand up a couple of inches.


Tabashire Bamboo Seedling in Puerto Rico- Gigantochlon ApusMarch 29, 2012-

I counted no less than 5 Yunnan Fountain Bamboo, Fargesia yunnanensis. Though I could not find this particular variety in any database, it appears to have originated in China’s Yunnan region where hundreds of Bamboo species reside.


April 2, 2012-

I transferred 9 sprouts to pots today. 5- Tabashir Bamboo, 3- Yannan Fountain and 1-Moso Bamboo. One other Moso Bamboo to transfer to a pot in a few days.


April 6, 2012-

Potted 2nd Moso Bamboo sprout. Also spotted an additional Tabashir Bamboo sprout in tray today.


April 8, 2012-

Spotted 2 more Moso sprouts popping up.


April 10, 2012-

Potted the 2 new Moso sprouts.


Please Note: The Isle of Bamboo Site is now live. I will be be adding updates to my progress with growing Bamboo from seeds and new functionality to the site as time goes by. Thanx, Roberto

2 Responses to Bamboo Seedling Progress Update

  • Richard Tryon says:

    Hi Roberto- Glad to see this new effort.

  • Antigonum Cajan says:

    There is a great potential in bamboo. I do not know any other plant, grass really, with so many possible uses in any way imaginable. Good luck in your project…and congratulations.

    Down here imagination went dead a while ago…

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