15 Bamboo Seedlings.. Thriving

At this point, I do not expect to see anymore bamboo seedlings pop up. It’s been several weeks since the last one broke ground. I’ve been keeping track of the trays and watering them every few days, but it’s time to let them go.


Of the 11 species planted from seed, 4 produced plants. I now have (A) 3 Moso (from 20 seeds), (B) 2 Tulda (from 18 seeds), (C) 5 Tabashir (from 14 seeds) and (D) 5 Yunnan Fountain (from 25 seeds). There was one other Moso start that’s failed to thrive.. I have not tossed it yet.


Panoramic of 4 Different Species of Bamboo Seedings in Coamo


I have moved the plants from sheltered sun to direct sun, but will keep a close eye on them and water as needed.


Tabashir Bamboo Seeds Photo- Gigantochloa apusYunnan Fountain Bamboo Seeds- Fargesia yunnanensisI will admit I am a little disappointed because of the extensive effort I went through to improve my odds at sprouting these seeds. Having started with about 340 seeds (spread between 11 species), I think my yield is a little low. This was my second attempt at trying to grow bamboo from seed. I may take another stab at it, but that would be much later in the year or early next year, depending. That will give me more opportunity to study the subject and prepare.


I’ll report progress with this 2nd effort at growing bamboo seeds as there are new developments.


In the meantime, there is other gardening I need to work on. Stay green, Roberto

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